Professional Pest Solutions for Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

In manufacturing and warehousing, anything that disrupts the flow of business can throw the entire system
out of alignment. This applies to pests  And it can also apply to pest control service.
-arrow pest & plant protection co. Commercial has worked closely with customers in manufacturing and warehousing to develop
practices that fit precisely into the choreography of their businesses. We use these practices to custom
tailor a program to your need

Hygiene and cleanliness standards can never be compromised in this highly-competitive industry. You must always be able to prove to the businesses you supply, and their customers, that your manufacturing processes are beyond reproach.
This is-arrow pest & plant protection co.’s department. We maintain Service Level Agreements with most of the country’s leading manufacturers to protect their production processes against any pest problems. Different stages of manufacture, for both food manufacture and non-food manufacture, demand different levels of manufacturing pest control. Our specialist Service Technicians and Sales Surveyors will work with you to devise effective defences at every stage. They can also help with advice on working practices that can stop pests ever becoming a problem. And since we operate across the country, we can provide the same consistent level of manufacturing pest control wherever your manufacturing, processing or storage facilities may be.
If you produce packaging, you know your customers expect nothing but faultless quality, especially food manufacturers. You are also expected to undergo regular checks by external inspection authorities and auditing companies – and you have to fulfill the relevant regulations and quality standards.

Packages contaminated by flies or other pests not only endanger the relationship to your customers but can, in extreme cases, threaten the existence of your company. -arrow pest & plant protection co.  familiar with your requirements and has solutions that deal perfectly with many kinds of pests in all types of premises.

We offer top-level manufacturing pest control all along the production chain, from goods receipt to product delivery. Trust us – as many well-known companies in the non-food   steel and cement  , and packaging industries already do.

The food manufacturing industry welcomed -arrow pest & plant protection co. proactive pest management – with services designed specifically to meet many of the food manufacturing industry’s needs. Our proactive approach to pest management takes manufacturing pest control seriously, with reporting providing a detailed pest history and a complete audit trail of all the incidents you faced – and how your protection responded.
What it means for your business
•    Your business will have a healthier environment
for you, your employees and your customers.
•    You’ll experience fewer pest problems and
pest-related damages.