Pest Control Services for Food Processing Industries in Kenya

Food processing pest control service in Nairobi Kenya is a proactive program to prevent cockroaches, flies, other insects, rodents, and birds from threatening the safety and quality of your product. The six-step program for food manufacturers, warehouses and grocery stores includes: Specific pest control procedures – Our specially trained technicians follow detailed, written procedures for controlling each pest. The protocol is written and reviewed by our entomologist.
Pest Solutions for Food and Beverage in kenya

Food safety starts with science so to   Maintain , a pest-free environment with the Total Assurance Program from Arrow pest  control Kenya . We can help you attain  strong audit scores and provide business insights to improve results throughout all of your facilities. Our proactive approach to pest elimination helps you meet the need for greater consistency and documentation in the face of increasing food safety risks.

Best Pest Control For Food And Beverage Processing Facilities .At Arrow pest  control Kenya    , we understand insect and rodent infestations In food and beverage processing facilities will not only result in failure to pass quality audits, left unaddressed, pest problems can lead to contaminated product, damage to facilities and may have a significant impact on your company’s professional reputation and growth.  That is why we offer a pest management solution that is tailored to the food and beverage processing industry.

Food safety starts with science. So it makes sense that The Arrow pest Kenya  takes a scientific approach to helping protect sensitive food processing environments like yours. When you choose Arrow pest and plant protection co ltd Food Safety Precision Protection you get a program designed specifically for your needs. Plus, it comes complete with the Arrow pest and plant protection co ltd platinum package, a system of comprehensive documentation and audit support anytime you need it.

Documentation – The technician maintains accurate, up-to-date records of all inspections, treatments, and materials in an onsite log book. The history of each activity that has been performed is often the most important information to provide third-party auditors. Specially trained Pest Management Professional (PMP): Your PMP and his supervisor are food specialists. They are experienced, Master Certified by pcpb, hold a Fumigator License, which means they are excellent at inspection, ..

In addition to pest control, your program might include other services such as:
• Exclusion – Pests can enter your facility in a multitude of ways. To help prevent pests from finding their way inside, Arrow pest and plant protection co ltd   can identify and seal numerous potential pest entry points such as cracks and crevices, creating a barrier against pesky invaders.
• Fly Control– Flies are a nuisance and a health risk to food and beverage processing facilities. We can work with you to develop a Fly Control plan to fit your needs, using a combination of light traps, baiting, chemical controls and exclusion to help prevent infestations.
• Technow  Floor and Drain Cleaner– A low-impact answer to grease and grime Arrow pest and plant protection co ltd. Technow  is a professional cleaning solution that uses a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to help you maintain a pristine production environment.

Bird Control – Birds can be a major nuisance and cause expensive property damage to buildings, roofs and ventilations systems. Even worse, they can spread serious illness to your staff or customers. Arrow pest and plant protection co ltd Bird Control program can help protect your facility from this difficult problem.
At Arrow pest and plant protection co ltd we understand it is critical to maintain a pest-free environment in your food processing and manufacturing facility. Food and beverage production and packaging demand the most stringent standards of quality and hygiene. Fouling or contamination of food or raw materials from even minor pest activity is unacceptable.

Pest prevention, early detection and effective control are essential to comply with ever-tightening policies and regulations.  As industry experts, we will work with you to meet your industry’s rigorous audit standards and protect your valuable reputation. A pest infestation can have a serious impact on your business, affecting your stock, reputation and customer reviews. This may result in loss of revenue, loss of customers, claims for compensation and even prosecution.

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