Facts, Identification & Control

Latin Name

Order Hymenoptera

Super-family Apoidea

Appearance / Identification

What Do They Look Like? Bees Control

Bees are winged insects with more than 20,000 recorded species found globally.

  • LengthMegachile pluto, the largest of these creatures, is reported to be 3.9 cm long, while Perdita minima, the most diminutive of bees, are shorter than 2 mm long.
  • Color: Bees can be black or brown with red, yellow or lustrous blue stripes.

How Did I Get Bees?

Bees sometimes make their way into homes while looking for a place to nest. The insects prefer dark and protected areas, so wall voids or chimneys often fit their needs. Any living space exposed to the outside is at risk for bee infestations. Some species that nest in wall voids fly inside the living space through baseboards, electrical outlets, and cracks in walls.