Bed Bugs Control.

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Bed Bug populations seem to be generally on the rise, and in some cities have reached epidemic proportions. Bed Bugs have been found infesting homes, hotels, student accommodation and even public transport, and the number of reported cases is increasing exponentially.

Habits bed bugs control
• Bedbugs feed on human blood and are attracted to body heat and CO2 from sleeping humans.
• They inject an anaesthetic when they pierce the skin, so the bite can go unnoticed at first.
• They are found in cracks and crevices, headboards, behind peeling wallpaper, broken plaster, light switches, under carpets and skirting boards etc. so they are near to people for feeding.
• Bugs are nocturnal and start feeding soon after sunset and before dawn.
• Bugs will feed during the day if conditions are favourable.
• When alarmed they move quickly and emit an odour.
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